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Blinc - Micro Trimmer

Blinc - Micro Trimmer

Eyebrows trimmer

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Blinc - Micro Trimmer

Blinc - Micro Trimmer is an eyebrow trimmer, especially suited to trim and shape eyebrows with extreme precision.

Fast and easy to use, it contains a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths.

It includes one AAA battery and an adapter with two lengths.

Method of Use

1. Take off micro trimmer cap.
2. Slide the switch button up to turn the micro trimmer on.
3. Trim eyebrow in the direction against its natural growing trend.
4. Slowly move the blade from the tip of the eyebrow to the opposite end.
5. To remove the adapter, turn the power off and simply slide the adapter off.

For trimming stray hairs above, below or between your brow line, use the trimmer without the adapter and gently trim unwanted hairs using short, controlled strokes.

rior to using for the first time, please remove plastic wrapping from the battery.
Make sure the trimmer is turned off when changing the adapter.
When not in use, make sure to turn device off to preserve battery life.

It includes one AAA battery.

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