Think again who thinks that the feet do not need great care since they spend most of their time hiding! The care of the skin of the feet is as important as caring for the remaining body! Prevent skin from your feet to stay with that aspect thick, parched, dry and scaly, ruining any toilette! Take care of your feet and feel much more confident! The differences will be huge!

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  • La Roche Posay - Lipikar Podologics

  • Avène - Akérat 30 100ml

  • SVR - Xérial Cracks and Fissures Cream 50ml

  • SVR - Xérial 50 Extrême Foot Cream 50ml

  • SVR - Xérial 30 Foot Cream 50ml

  • KA Cosmetics - Exfoliating Gel Sapoti 200ml

  • KA Cosmetics - Exfoliating Gel Gravioli 200ml

  • KA Cosmetics - Foot Cream Sapoti 150ml

  • KA Cosmetics - Foot Cream Gravioli 150ml

  • Embryolisse - Essential Dry Skin Balm 15ml

  • Uriage - Bariéderm Ointment 40g

  • Pedi-Relax - Burned Foot Cream

  • Pedi-Relax - Spray Anti-perspirant

  • SVR - Xérial Peel Mask


14 Item(s)

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