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Blinc - Eyebrow Mousse Medium Blonde

Blinc - Eyebrow Mousse Medium Blonde

Anti-aging eyebrow mousse - medium blonde

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Blinc - Eyebrow Mousse

Blinc - Eyebrow Mousse is an anti-aging eyebrow mousse.

Easy to apply, it allows to create a perfect eyebrow line that lasts all day, while providing anti-aging care for the skin.

Blinc - Eyebrow Mousse cannot fade, run or smudge, even if you sweat or wear it in harsh weather conditions. 


Method of Use

1. Apply on clean and dry eyebrows.
2. Using the wand applicator, gently sweep the wand across the brow line in short strokes, focusing on adding color to existing brow hair first.
3. Once the natural brow has been colored, begin filling in sparse areas by sweeping the wand in short strokes to give the appearance of natural hairs. This allows to determine the thickness or thinness of the brow.

The tip of the wand can be used on areas that need less thickness.

Use a gentle makeup remover.

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