Privacy and Cookies Policy


1.1. Responsible for the treatment and purposes

Sweettextures Lda., a company with NIPC 510554814, based in Rua Camilo Castelo Branco, n.º 983, PQ5, Parque Empresarial do Candal, 4400-063 Vila Nova de Gaia (“Glams Secret”) discloses and promotes the direct sale of products to its customers through the brand "Glams Secret" at

Glams Secret treats your personal data for two purposes: to manage the process of purchasing products (customer management) and to send you newsletters about products, promotions or last minute offers.

You are given the right to object to the processing of your marketing data at the time of collection and at the time of each message, in accordance with the law.

1.2. Personal data processed by Glams Secret

It is mandatory that you provide us with your name, email, telephone and address to process the purchase and open your customer card. The provision of NIF, date of birth and gender (m / f) is optional.

We respect the privacy of users of our website, so any information collected will be used to respond to any service requested and processed to improve the way we serve you.

1.3. Right of access, rectification, opposition and erasure

The data owners are guaranteed the access, rectification or elimination of the same. You may exercise these rights through the email or, in writing, to the abovementioned address.

1.4. Data Processing Security

Glams Secret is aware that you are constantly concerned about your privacy. So we take every precaution to ensure that it is safe.

If you are registered on our website, your information is protected by a previously chosen password. To access your account, you must use your access credentials. We recommend that you do not share them with anyone. This is an option at your own risk.

Regarding the information concerning your data, exchanged through purchases made in our online platform, Glams Secret is in charge of protecting them, through security technology called SSL.

It is the responsibility of Glams Secret to inform (in accordance with article 10, paragraph 4 of the Data Protection Act) that, despite all the security measures adopted by Glams Secret, your personal data may circulate on the network without safety, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

1.5. Personal data of minors

Glams Secret does not intend to collect personal information regarding persons under the age of 18. Should any minor wish to access the Glams Secret website and/or purchase products made available on it, they must do so through the supervision of their parents or legal guardian.

Glams Secret assumes that all information received on your site is sent by persons of legal age, capable and responsible. If the parents or legal guardian of the child wishes to delete the personal data of the child in our Glams Secret database and cancel any commercial transactions, they should contact Glams Secret.


2.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with relevant information, sent by sites and stored on your computer.

2.2. The functions of cookies

Cookies are widely used to manage the functioning of websites, to increase their efficiency, to provide information to the entities responsible for the websites and/or to manage user sessions. They also allow you to recognize the user and direct the navigation of this according to their interests and preferences, thus improving the navigation experience.

2.3. Use of cookies on the Glams Secret website

Glams Secret uses cookies on the website to manage users' browsing, which may be handled by the Glams Secret website and external websites for statistical analysis purposes.

Cookies on the Glams Secret website are used for various purposes, namely:

- Authentication - for user recognition during your session;

- Remarketing and advertising - to support marketing resources, remarketing and third-party advertising;

- Preferences and services analysis - to know which language is used in the user session and to customize your navigation on the site;

- Usage statistics - to provide anonymous statistical data on the use of sites, such as the websites from which they originate, the pages visited, the number of visitors and the software used by the customer.

By browsing the website of Glams Secret you are consenting to the use of cookies.

2.4. Use of Cookies for Remarketing purposes

Glams Secret service providers, including Google and/or others, use cookies for the purpose of advertising Glams Secret products and services.

Os cookies permitem aos prestadores de serviços da Glams Secret, incluindo o Google, o Adroll, o Inside e outros prestadores de serviços, recolher informações sobre as visitas anteriores ao site Glams Secret, e, com base nessa informação, apresentar em websites de terceiros anúncios da Glams Secret relevantes e do interesse dos clientes e demais visitantes do site da Glams Secret ou fornecer outros serviços aos visitantes do site da Glams Secret.

Cookies allow Glams Secret service providers, including Google, Adroll, Inside and other service providers, to collect information about previous visits to the Glams Secret site, and, based on that information, display on third-party websites Glams Secret relevant ads to customers and other visitors to the Glams Secret website or provide other services to visitors to the Glams Secret website.

Customers and other visitors to the Glams Secret website may at any time elect to exclude the use of Google cookies, through Google Ads Settings. They can also disable the use of cookies through the settings of the browser used.

2.5. Cookies control and blocking

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their settings. However, limiting the use of cookies may make the browsing experience difficult.