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Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ

Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ

Hair loss food supplement 30 capsules

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Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ

Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ is a food supplement indicated in case of hair loss, fatigued or devitalized hair, and/or weak or brittle nails.

Its unique formula provides the hair bulb and the nail matrix essential nutrients (vitamins B6, B8, E, PP and iron) to maintain their strength and vitality.

Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ has a chocolate aroma, in order to facilitate swallowing the capsules and promote the continuity of the treatment.

It can be used in case of capillary fragility by occasional factors (seasonal variations, stress, fatigue, eating disorders, pregnancy, emotional shock) or chronic, vascular, hormonal, tissue or genetic factors, whose evolution is progressive or manifests itself in the form of episodes repeated.

Ducray - Anacaps Tri-Activ strengthens the hair and nails and stimulates their growth. The hair becomes stronger and nourished and the nails become more resilient and healthy.

It is only recommended for adults and does not replace a balanced diet.

Is not recommended during periods of pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Method of Use

1 capsule per day with a glass of water, preferably in the morning, for 3 months.
Tri-Activ Anacaps is only recommended for adults.
It is not advised during periods of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Anacaps Tri-Activ does not replace a balanced diet.

Additional Information

Composition Óleo de onagre (Oenothera biennis), gelatina de peixes, L-cistina, L-metionina, refirmante: glicerina E422, sulfato de ferro, nicotinamida, D,l-alfa tocoferol acetato, aroma, emulsificante: lecitina de girassol E322, espessante: cera de abelha amarela E901, corantes: óxidos de ferro E172, dióxidos de titânio E 171, piridoxina cloridrato, biotina.
Brand Ducray
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