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Footh Bath - Bademeisterei

Organza with 2 Footh Bath

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Foot Bath - Bademeisterei

Foot Bath - Bademeisterei are two bars of bath-shaped feet with fresh aroma and crisp, for washing and care of the feet, with a pleasant fragrance and nourishing effect, calming and balancing. A luxurious treat for tired feet, dry and worn with daily aggressions.

Foot Bath - Bademeisterei are a natural product, formulated with the highest ingredients, to increase the potential of the skin of the feet, leaving it revitalized.

Derived from a secret recipe, potentiate a bath single, fragrant and creamy for feet, after a stressful day. Enriched in precious quality olive oil and cocoa butter nourish the skin with essential nutrients and care, provide deep hydration, preventing the skin from the feet dry after bathing.

Wonderfully fragrant, the skin of the feet is sublimated with pure essential oils contained in the bar, determined by hot bath water, making this a ritual experience wellness unforgettable.

Method of Use

1 foot is enough for 1 bath.

Place the desired amount in the hot water bath (for feet) and let it dissolve.
Then enjoy the bath.
Then just rinse with water.
Suitable for all skin types.

Not suitable for consumption!

After bathing, gently wash the tub, as it can be slippery.
Store in a cool dry place!

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Brand Bademeisterei
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