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Folstim - Hair Fortifier 125ml

Folstim - Hair Fortifier 125ml

Hair care tonic for fragile hair and hair loss tendency

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Folstim - Hair Fortifier

Folstim - Hair Fortifier is a hair care tonic, suitable for men and wmen with fragile hair and/or hair loss tendency.

It can be used in all situations of hair loss or capillary fragility, as well as a complement of topic and/or oral hair fall prevention treatments.

Folstim - Hair Fortifier contains in its formulation a fortifying complex, Serenoa serrulata extract, lupine proteinic hydrolysates, nicotinate, vitamins B5, B6, B7 and C, ornithine, taurine, adenosine and zinc, which act synergically during the different stages of the hair growth cycle, strengthening the hair shaft and preventing its loss.

The hair is more beautiful, strong, healthy and shiny.

Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.

Method of Use

Shake before use.
It can be applied to wet or dry hair after shampooing, preferably with a frequent use shampoo like Folstim Fortifying Shampoo.
For long hair, apply with the aid of the cannula.
For short hair or in the presence of widespread hair loss, use the spray.
Apply once daily, pump 12 times evenly covering all scalp areas, then gently distribute by massaging with finger tips, in a circular motion.
Do not rinse.

Apply daily on the 1st month and afterwards apply in alternate days.
To optimize the efficacy of the product, use for at least 3 months.

Wash hands thoroughly after application.
Due to its action, a temporary reddening and warm sensation may occur on the affected areas, especially if they are without hair.
If it persists, the area should be thoroughly rinsed with water.
Avoid contact with face and eyes; if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with running water.
Do not use if scalp presents lesions.
External use.

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Brand Folstim
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