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Filorga - Eyes-Absolute Eye Cream 15ml

Filorga - Eyes-Absolute Eye Cream 15ml

Absolute anti-ageing cream for eye contour

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Filorga - Eyes-Absolute Eye Cream

Filorga - Eyes-Absolute Eye Cream is an absolute anti-ageing cream for the eye contour, suitable for all skin types of women over 35.

With a creamy cryo-texture, it smoothes wrinkles, firms the eyelids, soothes dark circles and puffiness, strengthens eyelashes and increases the brightness of the eyes.

Filorga - Eyes-Absolute Eye Cream contains in its formulation:

- A Zamak alloy cryo-aplicador with a thermal shock effect: it decongests, stimulates microcirculation, helps firm up the tissues and smoothes wrinkles;

- A cryo-texture with a refrigerant active ingredient: it stimulates microcirculation, increasing the anti-aging efficacy and brightness;

- A complex with peptide, vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid and extract of green algae for the wrinkles: it hydrates the stratum corneum, restructures the epidermis and increases the density of the dermis;

- Tripeptide for the wrinkles: with "bottox-like" action;

- Silk Tree + Siegesbeckia Orientalis for the eyelids: with a lifting effect;

- Carcinina for the purple and brown circles: activate the circulation and the anti-glycation;

- Hyaluronic acid for the deep dark circles: with a plumping action;

- Two peptides (soy + rice) for the pufiness: with a draining and protecting effect against oxidative stress;

- Biochanin A (red clover) for the eyelashes: it increases the density;

- Tetrapeptide 3 for the eyelashes: it combats the fall;

- White Pearls: with a "soft-focus" effect;

- NCTF: with a luminosity effect.

Method of Use

1. Press the dosing pump slowly and apply the product on the eye contour using cryo-applicator.
2. Spread the product with the fingertips with light pressure, from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
3. Massage the eye contour area, eyelids and eyelashes line with circular movements, using the cryo-applicator.
4. Using the cryo-applicator with cold effect, massage the temples in figure 8.

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