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Filorga - Coffret Time-Zero Anti-Wrinkles

Filorga - Coffret Time-Zero Anti-Wrinkles

Coffret with 1 Time-Zero Wrinkles Serum 30ml + FREE 1 Time-Filler Anti-Wrinkles 30ml + 1 Time-Filler Eyes Eye Contour 4ml

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Filorga - Coffret Time-Zero Anti-Wrinkles

Filorga - Coffret Time-Zero Anti-Wrinkles is a coffret with 1 Time-Zero Wrinkles Serum 30ml + OFFER 1 Time-Filler Anti-Wrinkles 30ml + 1 Time-Filler Eyes Eye Contour 4ml.

Filorga - Time-Zero Wrinkles Serum is a multi-correction wrinkles serum, suitable for all skin types.

With a fluid texture, it reduces all types of wrinkles: deep, fatigue, and surface expression.

Filorga - Time-Zero Wrinkles Serum contains in its formulation:

- A trio of hyaluronic acid-based active ingredients: visibly fills deep wrinkles;

- A duo of matrikines combined with NCTF: tones the skin and smoothes out lines;

- A tripeptide-hexapeptide duo: modulates neurotransmission to relax the face without freezing the facial expression;

- Gluconolactone combined with an exfoliating active ingredient: renews the skin surface and visibly fades fine lines.

Day after day, all types of wrinkles are reduced and the face appears younger.

Filorga - Time-Filler Anti-Wrinkles is an absolute wrinkles correction cream for the face, especially suitable for normal to dry skin.

With a light and creamy texture, it acts and corrects all types of wrinkles: expression, sagging and dehydration.

Filorga - Time-Filler Anti-Wrinkles contains in its formulation:

- Hyaluronic acid, with anti-aging, regenerating and hydrating properties;

- NCTF complex, with a powerful anti-aging action;

- Niacinamide, with an anti-spots, moisturizing and antioxidant action, protecting the skin from free radicals (pollution, smoking, stress);

- Folic acid (vitamin B), which restores the skin barrier and improves elasticity and skin hydration;

- Moisturizing, softening and anti-irritant ingredients, such as castor and almond oils, glycerin and dimethicone, leaving the skin smooth and softened.

Filorga - Time-Filler Eyes Eye Contour is an absolute eye correction cream, suitable for all skin types.

With a balm texture, it acts on fine lines, crow's feet, sagging eyelids and dark circles and activates the growth of eyelashes.

Filorga - Time-Filler Eyes Eye Contour contains in its formulation:

- A botox-like active ingredient combined with a powerful peptide, to smoothe fine lines and even out the skin;

- A lifting complex, to fight sagging of the upper eyelids;

- Matrikine, to boost the volume of lashes;

- Plumping spheres, to fill up the hollow circles;

- A plant-based complex combined with a peeling-like active, to reduce the color of dark circles.

Every day, wrinkles are smoothed, eyelids are firmer and dark circles fade.

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