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A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel 200ml

A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel 200ml

Soft Intimate Hygiene Gel

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A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel

Intended for daily intimate hygiene, A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel allows the protection of sensitive mucous, respecting the mucosal pH and vaginal flora (pH 5.5).

A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel balances and irritated mucous membranes sensitized and wash without drying.

A Derma - Derm´Intim Gel is the main active OAT Rhealba a natural active ingredient, chosen for its properties extremely calming and anti-irritation, reparative, anti-radical, emollients and moisturizers.

This oats is grown, accurately and controls exclusively in southwestern France in distant lands from big cities and from any source of pollution and according to strict standards of organic farming, thus resulting in a product without fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, perfume or parabens.

These characteristics are revealed high importance because:

Atopic skin absorbs more product than other tipe of skin, increasing the risk of sensitization,
Usually this type of skin is associated with babies and children;
Such care typically have to be implemented on a wide quantity and for long periods of time.

Method of Use

Can be used as daily care, applied directly to the mucosa or diluted in the bath water.
Then rinse thoroughly with running water.

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